Unmatched Protection, Amazing Correction

Discover the first (or only) chemically engineered corrective and protective coating.


Protection for all New vehicles and watercrafts.


Protection and correction for pre-owned vehicles and watercrafts.

3 Ways Icon Rocklear Crushes The Competition


After six years of research and experimentation, Icon Rocklear experienced a true scientific breakthrough that we call Toughlon! Cutting edge products like Icon Rocklear are usually reserved for the world’s elite, but we’ve made them available to you and everyone worldwide! There simply isn’t a better protective finish available for your vehicle.


Icon Rocklear’s proprietary method of paint preparation and application is a meticulous, top secret, six-part process, done in a virtually contaminant-free environment. This ensures the quality and longevity of the finish on your car or boat.


All Icon Rocklear products and services are backed by our up to five-year guarantee, underwritten by a world-recognized insurance company. Undeniable peace of mind and satisfaction are guaranteed when you choose Icon Rocklear with Toughlon coating.

Scratch Resistant

Icon Rocklear with Toughlon lives up to its name, providing the best protection against scratches, scuffs and scrapes for your vehicle.


Icon Rocklear provides superior UV protection to keep your car shining 20 times longer after other finishes wear out.

Impact Resistant

With Icon Rocklear, rest assured your car’s finish will survive the inevitable bumps and bruises thanks to our amazing Icon Rocklear.


All Icon Rocklear products and services come with an unbeatable, rock solid up to five-year warranty.